9 Best CDN Providers in 2024

We have analyzed tons of data for this article and compared numerous CDN service providers to find out which one is the best CDN provider in 2024.

First of all, we will let know about few things about CDN.

What is a CDN?

In layman’s language, CDN is a Content Delivery Network that creates copies of your website in different regions, so the data doesn’t have to travel for long. It results in decreased latency and improves the speed of the website.

Example – I have a website in India, and a user from Australia is requesting to view my content. It will cause huge delays if the information travels from India to Australia. To solve this, I can use a CDN network to create multiple copies of my website around the world. Now, the CDN network will retrieve the nearest document and show it to the user in Australia.

This improves speed!

What are the qualities of the best CDN?

From small blog owners to big eCommerce businesses, and streaming services, everyone uses a CDN. Some are free to start, and some are paid, but the best ones must include:

  1. Must be user-friendly and easy to use.
  2. It should be faster than your origin.
  3. Must minimize latency caused by geographical distance.
  4. Has to be quick and able to deliver large payouts.

Best CDN providers for 2024

1. Stackpath

Stackpath has multiple servers worldwide, mostly in Europe, North America, and South America. The company promises to deliver a seamless, fast and secure experience.

It’s mostly used for games, streaming videos, and IoT technology. For enhanced speed, the company provides:

  1. Strong computing with 60% less latency.
  2. A CDN with an 80% cache hit ratio.
  3. It’s serverless with zero warmup time.


The individual plan starts at $10/month and bundles at $20/month.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is free to start, easy to set up, and provides amazing speed. I have some of my websites hosted on Cloudflare, and it works smoothly. It is simple to set up where you just have to change the name servers to get started.

They provide a global network that covers 250 cities in over 100 countries.

  1. Provides a web access firewall.
  2. Host unlimited websites for free.
  3. Bot management.
  4. Developers can access advanced tools.


Individual plans start at $5 and bundle at $20.

3. Sucuri

Sucuri provides a cloud-based platform for every site and claims to prevent hacks and prevent future attacks.

Unlike Cloudflare, Sucuri is not free. It’s more useful if you are into malware detection, protection against intrusions, or security breach.

  1. Fast page speed with highly optimized CDN.
  2. Removes unlimited malware.
  3. Defends your website against DDOS attacks and hacks.


The minimum plan starts at $199/year.

4. G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs is one of the best CDN providers in 2024. The company has 140+ points of presence globally, 6000+ peering partners, 75+ Tbps-total network capacity, 30 MS average response time.

They also have a lot of positive reviews from their current users on websites like Trust pilot, host advice, and more.

  1. Provides a user-friendly platform.
  2. Real-time caching.
  3. Free SSL certificate and global flat-rate prices.


Prices start from €35 to €150/month

5. Fastly

Whether shopping, browsing, watching, or doing business, fastly can be useful for all of these. The company provides a high-speed CDN with 167 Tbps network capacity and 800 billion daily requests.

Fastly also provides an image optimization tool that helps you compress huge images and format them on their servers instead of your origin.

  1. Real-time control.
  2. DDoS and bot protection.
  3. API configurability.


You can start for free, and the premium plan starts at $0.08/GB and $0.0075/10,000 requests.

6. Akamai

Akamai is the oldest CDN provider and is still a competitive platform to go within 2024. If you’re looking to easily manage a high-traffic website, go with Akamai. Some of the biggest companies like Facebook, Best Buy, and Airbnb trust Akamai.

It’s not a great option for individuals and is comparatively difficult to set up. However, their team is always available round the clock for help.

They provide some great tools with a security manager and local caching.

  1. Safe, fast, and innovative.
  2. Best for websites with huge traffic.


There is no clarity on prices as they mostly deal with large corporations instead of individuals.

7. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a go-to solution for most of your needs. It’s simple and easy to set up for individuals, provides image optimization tools, and includes advanced tools for developers.

The company serves 6 continents, and 1,08,902 zones with a 98% hit ratio.

  1. Brotli compression and other advanced features for developers.
  2. 100% SSD coverage.
  3. Simple caching and advanced Built-in DDoS protection.


KeyCDN charges a flat rate of $4/monthly; you can use as much bandwidth as you want.

8. Beluga CDN

Beluga CDN is a 15-year-old company that provides high performance at an excellent price with optimized CDN products. If budget constraints and you’re looking for a high-performing CDN at a lower rate, you can start with Beluga CDN.

You can add unlimited websites in the same account, with an extremely fast setup and 28 points of presence.

  1. Good customer support system.
  2. Faster and better content delivery.
  3. No long-term contract


It’s promoted as the cheapest CDN service, starting at just $5/month to $150/month.

9. Amazon cloud front

This CDN service comes with the trust of Amazon. As a part of AWS (Amazon web service), you can try their cloud front for free with 1 TB of data transfer.

It’s huge, with 310+ Global points of presence and intelligent mapping and network routing.

With Amazon, you get improved security, access controls, and traffic encryption. Also, you can use AWS shield to defend against DDoS attacks, that too with no additional costs.

  1. Cost-effective, good for new websites.
  2. Great performance and security with amazon’s trust.
  3. Zero fees for data transfers.


They have multiple prices depending on your country. You can check the list here.


These were some of the best CDN providers in 2024. Everyone has different requirements, budgets, speed, or customizations; be it anything, you can find the best suitable provider on this list.

What do you look for while searching for a CDN? Which is your favorite?

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